Milan is the pursuit of fashion and high fashion shoppers' paradise. Aesthetics has become a religion, and shopping is almost the milanese enthusiastic hobby, and do so. To ella, manu lai ii street near the cathedral behind a few street looking for a like clothes, shoes and accessories, or along the Via Monte Napoleone street, Via Della Spiga street and Via Borgospesso visiting store street Over 1000 designers from 60 boutiques in one website. Shop the latest Moncler jackets on the world's largest fashion site., just like in a dream. Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, just like in Viale Papiniano streets will be fair. Flea market (Viale Gabriele d 'Annunzio) in Saturday's opening, Brera has an antique market (Via Fiori Chiari), held every three Saturdays. Annual sales: there was a time in the summer and winter sale, time is about early July to early August, in late January to late February, seasonal goods can play about 5 ~ 7 fold, part of the exclusive brand stores may not participate in. Fashion quadrilateral (quadrilatero Della what moda) : refers to the cathedral square (piazza Duomo), carver square (piazza Cavour) and San barbera square (piazza San Babila) between Monte Napoleone street, Della Spiga street, Vittorio Emanuele street and Manzoni street. Almost all the flagship store is located in the well-known Italian brand here: Giorgio Armani, Prada, Gucci, Versace, D & G, etc. Which the Manuel ii arcade (it Vittorio Emanuele ?) : not only senior shopping places, building itself the magnificent glory is worth a look. Transportation: San Babila MM1 line subway station, line MM3 Montenapoleone station   SERRAVALLE DESIGNER OUTLET Features: 150 brand shop. Main brands have PRADA, D&G, VERSACE, FERRAGAMO, swahili rocky crystal, marlboro, etc. Disadvantages: no GUCCI, ARMANI, LV, TODS, BALLY brands. Evaluation: a lot of people a day on end. Recommend index 100% Transportation: about 90 km from milan. Drive - A7 - milan GENOA exports: SERRAVALLE SCRIVIA Train: direction, to GENOA, in ARQUATA SCRIVIA station, then take the bus (about 15 minutes) Central station car: it is said that milan have a round trip in northern Italy's largest OUTLET bus, about 29 the commute, to ask you are interested in. A lot of publicity and folding is the OUTLET of the hotel. SERRAVALLE the Italy's largest OUTLET, individual businesses at the time of cash, if the requirement is out of the invoice, can discount again, about 15-20% cheaper 2, ermenegildo ZEGNA brand - the world's top suit Features: taste the highest OUTLET, varieties of men's clothing very much. Also has its women's clothing brand. The bad: no. Time: as of 12:00 at noon, afternoon 3:00 to 7:00? Forget it. Recommendation: 200%. From then on don't wear other suit. Features: can change the sleeve length, waist suits, trousers, etc. Every part about 10 euros. Change takes about 4 to 5 days, northern Italy (may include southern) can be mailed to your door free of charge. Generally can be received within a week.